Contact Gains/Losses

The Contact Gains/Losses report displays the metrics related to contact gains and losses in a given time period.

The Contact Gains/Losses report shows how your contacts are doing and what happens to groups of contacts once they are added to Bronto.

Contacts count as gained when they are added with an active status of Onboarding or Active. Existing contacts also show up in the contact gain metric when their status is updated to Onboarding or Active. Contacts count as lost when their status changes from an active status (Onboarding or Active) to an inactive status (Transactional, Unconfirmed, Unsubscribed, Bounced, FTAF). Contacts that are deleted and have an active status (Onboarding or Active) also count as lost.

To access the report, select Reports, then Contact Gains/Losses. To select a specific time range, use the time picker in the top-right corner. You can then click the Export button to download the report as a CSV file.

The report is divided into three sections. We've broken up this help topic into sections based on those areas to make information easier to find.


This section offers a quick glance at the metrics that are related to counts. For example, you can see how many contacts you have.

The Total Contacts box displays the number of contacts at the start of the first date and at the end of the last date of the time period you picked. The end of the day count is in the time zone set in your Bronto settings. If your number is positive, that means that you have seen an increased number of contacts. If you have an active campaign for new subscribers, you may see a larger than usual increase between the first and second numbers.

The Change Rate box shows the rate of contact growth over the selected time period. The Change Rate metric is the difference of the new and old contact counts divided by the original contact count.

The Net Change box shows the total amount of contact change in the time period. This number can be positive or negative. The up arrow shows gained contacts and the down arrow shows contact losses. This box can be useful for troubleshooting if you have recently imported a large number of contacts. For example, if you imported 100,000 contacts but your net change is only 5,000 contacts, then that means that you have had many contact losses during the time period. Your next step would be to investigate if there was an issue with the health of your imported list.

Gains and Losses

This section displays the number of contact gains and losses during the selected time period. The line shows the net change: the difference between the gains and losses, per day.

Gains and Losses Table

This section provides a data table showing the gains, losses, net change, and change rate by day. You can use this table to see patterns in contact gains and losses, such as when your site saw the greatest increase in contacts losses. Reviewing the gains and losses table can help you plan future marketing campaigns.