Toolbox Activity Log

The Toolbox activity log lists the 100 most recent actions made in the Bronto Toolbox.

Note: Toolbox is not compatible with the Email Message Editor. To use Toolbox features, select the HTML (Code Editor) as the Email Message Type.
The activities are listed from most recent to least recent. This allows you to quickly glance at the information you need to know about.
Field Description
Tool Toolbox feature that triggered the activity; either Barcode Generator, Feed Parser, or Link Modifier.
Object What item was modified. For example, if Feed Parser was used to populate a content tag, the Object would be Content Tag.
Description Explanation of the activity that occurred.
Note: If you see Invalid Message from Template here, this error occurs when attempting to make a change to a message that is based on a Bronto Template. Bronto Templates cannot be modified in the Toolbox.
Timestamp The UTC time the action occurred. UTC (Coordinate Universal) time is the primary standard time which the world uses to regulate clocks and time. This time is useful for providing a common date and time across multiple time zones.
Calendar Icon The calendar icon is either present or not present. If it is present the entry in the Activity Log was performed by a scheduled job. For example, the Feed Parser can perform automatic nightly refreshes and will log these types of entries whenever that happens. This allows you to determine what was executed manually, or automatically.