Name Type Required Description
type filterType Required if more than one filter is being defined. Defaults to AND if no type is specified. Used to define multiple filters.
id string[] No The unique ids assigned to SMS deliveries you want to read.
messageId string[] No The unique id of SMS message you want to read SMS deliveries for.
start dateValue[] No Allows you to read data for SMS deliveries based on their send date. In the smsDeliveryFilter, the value you set for the start li represents the send date of the SMS delivery.
status string[] No The status of the SMS delivery:
  • sent
  • sending
  • unsent
  • archived
  • skipped
  • tmp
deliveryType string[] No

The deliveryType indicates the how the SMS delivery was made. Valid values are:

  • bulk
  • test
  • workflow
  • transaction