Welcome Message Workflow Template

The Welcome Message workflow template allows you to send a new contact a single welcome message when the contact is added to your account.

About this task

The Welcome Message workflow template starts when a contact is added to your account. By default, contacts who move from transactional to onboarding status are also included. When the workflow is triggered the contact is sent a welcome message. The purpose of this message is to introduce contacts to your brand and immediately encourage engagement with your message campaigns. Generally this is better accomplished with a two-message welcome series. If you want to send the contact a series of messages, use the Welcome Series workflow template. For more information see Welcome Series Workflow Template.

Before you use the Welcome Message workflow template you need to create the email you want to send to new contacts. For more information see Create Email: Message Editor.

Note: The node labels in this template have been renamed to help guide you through the template. To see which nodes were used, mouse over the node label. You can also edit any of these custom labels.

What you need to do:


  1. Go to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Copy the Welcome Message Template:
    1. In the Template Workflows section, select the box for Welcome Message Template.
    2. Click Copy.

      A window appears asking if you are sure you want to copy the template.

    3. Click Copy.
  3. In the Your Workflows list, click on the name of the copy you made.

    The copy of the template opens in the workflow builder.

  4. To edit the name and/or description of the workflow:
    1. Click on the workflow name, located above the workflow builder.
    2. Enter a new name in the Name box.
    3. Enter a new description in the Description box.
    4. Click Ok.
  5. In the Identifies All Newly Eligible Subscribers node:
    1. Click on the contact status.
    2. Set the status to active/onboarding.
  6. In the Send Welcome Message node, select the email message that will be sent to the contact:
    1. Click an email message in the node text, click the name of the email message you want to send, then click Select.
    2. Click a name in the node text, enter the from name to be used for the email message in the From Name text box, then click Done.

      If you already see the correct name here you can skip this step.

    3. Click email address in the node text, enter the email address to be used for the message in the Email Address text box, then click Done.

      If you already see your email address here you can skip this step.

    4. Click the bold text on for Sender authentication if you wish to disable this feature.
    5. Click the bold text off for Reply Tracking and/or Frequency cap overrides if you wish to enable either of these features.

      For more information about frequency caps see Set Email Frequency Caps For Your Account.

  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. If you are ready to start using your workflow, click the Inactive toggle to activate the workflow.

    The workflow starts working immediately after it is activated, so only do this if you want to start sending your welcome messages to new contacts.