View Processed Contacts On A Workflow Node

About this task

When viewing a workflow, you can see how many contacts have been processed by a given node by looking at the Processed Contacts count. Processed contacts on a node represent all contacts who have ever entered the node. If a contact enters a node 3 different times, the number of processed contacts will go up by 3.

Workflow Processed Contact Counts

When viewing the processed contacts on an Action node, the processed contacts metric is an accurate reflection of how many times the action was triggered, but does not necessarily indicate that the triggered action was successful. This is especially important for the Action nodes which send email, SMS, or post to Twitter.

In the case of these nodes, a delivery or post could get triggered, but then get skipped. For example, an email delivery may get triggered and then get skipped if it exceeds the email allocation for the account or if you don't have permissions to send to that contact. To see how many emails were successfully delivered, you can view the report for the workflow, or the report for the message selected in the node.

To view the processed contacts on a workflow node:


  1. Go to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Click on the name of an existing workflow that has been activated.

    Filter and Action nodes will contain processed contact counts. Trigger nodes do not have processed contact counts.