Use The Date Filter Node In Workflows

The Date filter node filters a workflow based on the current day's relationship to a calendar date you set.

About this task

There are two values you can set on the Date filter node.

Date Filter Node
Click on or before to set the comparison time for the date. Options you can select include:
  • On or before (the current day must be the selected date or fall before this date)
  • Before (the current day must be before the selected date)
  • On or after (the current day must be the selected date or fall after this date)
  • After (the current day must be after the selected date)
Click on date to pick a date from the calendar.

When a contact enters this node, the workflow compares the current date to the date filter you set. Then it will route the contact to the appropriate node(s) connected to Yes and/or No based on how the current date relates to the filter you set.

For example, if you run ongoing promotions, you might want to set this node to on or before the date the current promotion ends, for example, June 1, 2017. If the current date is on or before June 1, 2017, then the contact is moved to the connected Yes node, where you can use a Send Email node to send them an email about the current promotion. If the current date is after June 1, 2017, the contact is moved to the corresponding No node, where you can use a Send Email node to send them an email about the next promotion. In this example, after June 1, 2017 the Yes path will never be triggered again. In this situation, you could update the date on the node. You could also string together a series of Date filter and Send Email action nodes when you build the workflow that would keep the workflow up-to-date for the length of the promotion.

To use the Date filter node:


  1. Create a new workflow or edit an existing workflow.
    To create a new workflow, go to Automation > Workflows and click Create New Workflow.
    Note: If you created a new workflow, make sure you name it by clicking the pencil icon above the Node Palette.
  2. Drag the Date filter node on to the workflow canvas.
  3. Click on or before, select an option from the Date Comparator list, then click Done.

    Remember, whatever you select is how the current date will be compared to the date you select. So, if you select After contacts will move along the Yes path when the current date falls after the date you select.

  4. Click on date, click on the calendar icon and select a date, then click Done.
  5. Connect the node to the rest of your workflow.