Use The Cart Status Filter Node In Workflows

The Cart Status filter node filters a workflow by sending contacts down different paths based on the status of their shopping cart.

About this task

Important: This topic only applies to you if you pass cart or order data from your site into Bronto.
Cart Status Filter Node

To use the Cart Status filter node:


  1. Create a new workflow or edit an existing workflow.
    To create a new workflow, go to Automation > Workflows and click Create New Workflow.
    Note: If you created a new workflow, make sure you name it by clicking the pencil icon above the Node Palette.
  2. Drag the Cart Status filter node on to the workflow canvas.
  3. Connect the outgoing connections to other nodes based on the status of the contact's shopping cart when they reach this node.
    The outgoing connections correspond to the following cart status types:
    • Active: The shopping cart is currently shopping / checking out.
    • Abandoned: The shopping cart is abandoned.
    • Complete: The shopping cart has been converted to an order.

What to do next

An outgoing connection does not need to connect to another node. Contacts who reach an outgoing connection not connected to another node will not continue moving through the workflow.

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