Edit A Node's Settings

About this task

For more information on the settings available for a specific node, see Workflow Trigger Nodes, Workflow Filter Nodes, or Workflow Action Nodes.

To edit node settings in a workflow:


  1. Go to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Click either
    • On the name of a workflow to edit an existing workflow
    • Or Create New Workflow to create a new workflow.
  3. Edit the node's settings by modifying the bold text in each node.
    Once you have added nodes and node connections to a workflow, you can begin editing settings for each node. When you drag a node on to the canvas, certain text in the node will be bold. Each piece of bold text represents a given node setting. Clicking on the bold text will allow you to change the setting. Node settings are the details for a given node that describe what should happen at that particular point in the workflow. For example, if you add the Email Was Sent node to the workflow canvas, you will then pick a message in your account.
    Note: As you edit a node's settings, the bold text shown in the node will be replaced by the values you select for the node settings.