Copy And Paste Nodes In A Workflow

You can quickly duplicate nodes within a workflow by copying and pasting them. When you copy a node, all of the current settings for the node are retained including changes to the node's name.

About this task

When pasted, the new copied nodes are not automatically connected to any other nodes on the canvas. Nodes can only be pasted into the workflow they were copied from and the trigger node cannot be copied.

To copy and paste nodes in a workflow:


  1. Open a workflow in the workflow builder.
  2. Click on the node(s) you want to copy.
    To select multiple nodes, either
    • Hold the Shift or Cmd key as you select each node.
    • Drag your cursor over the nodes to select the nodes you want to copy.
  3. Click the Copy button.

    As you mouse over the canvas you can now see the outline of the copied nodes. The esc key can be used to exit the copy process without pasting.

    Copied Node Example
  4. Click on the location on the workflow canvas you want to place the node.

    The node is added to the canvas. Hook the node into the workflow and use it as normal.