Use The Stop SMS Session Action Node In Workflows

The Stop SMS Session action node terminates a keyword session associated with the workflow.

About this task

Note: Once an initial SMS is received, the person begins an SMS session which lasts for 1 hour. During the life of the session, any additional SMS messages received from that person are considered SMS replies.
The Stop SMS Session action node is useful in situations where you could have contacts interacting with multiple keywords in a short time frame. For example:
  1. A contact texts in to keywordA
  2. This triggers a workflow that sends an SMS message to the contact asking them for their email address.
  3. The contact replies with their email address and the workflow ends.
  4. The contact then texts in to keywordB before the session for keywordA has ended.
  5. Due to how SMS sessions work, the text sent to keywordB is seen as a reply to keywordA and not as a different keyword that should start a new session.
By using the Stop SMS Session action node, the session for keywordA can be ended as soon as the workflow associated with that keyword has ended (in other words, when they reach step 3 above).
Stop SMS Session Action Node

For more information on setting up the SMS integration and creating keywords, see SMS Compliance.

To use the Stop SMS Session action node:


  1. Create a new workflow or edit an existing workflow.
    To create a new workflow, go to Automation > Workflows and click Create New Workflow.
    Note: If you created a new workflow, make sure you name it by clicking the pencil icon above the Node Palette.
  2. Drag the Stop SMS Session node on to the workflow canvas.