Set Up Product Data Feed Imports Using the API

You can use the Bronto API to complete one successful full product feed import per every 24 hours. A successful import means the file was properly received and processed, although specific product records may have contained errors. Your product feed file cannot contain more than 3 million products.

About this task

Refer to the API documentation for specific instructions on how to use the API to import product data.

Bronto also provides API calls you can use to import updates to existing product data. These calls are not subject to the once-per-24-hour import limit and cannot be used to import new products into Bronto. When submitting JSON to update existing product data, all mapped product fields are required. Failure to include a mapped field will result in the product import failing for that product. If an API product update is requested while you have a feed import in progress, the request fails and you will need to resubmit the request after the feed import completes.

It's important to note that imports are progressive. During import, the data feed is compared to the product data stored in Bronto and any existing data that does not match the new product data feed is changed. This means that when you do a full file import you cannot upload partial files or the previously imported product data that is not included in the new file will be archived. The only exception to this is product data that has been updated using the individual product update API call. For products that have been updated individually, the date of the last product update is compared to the date the product data feed file was last updated and whichever date is the most recent will be honored. This means a full file import would not overwrite the product data imported with the API call if the date and time of the API call occurred after the product data feed was last saved.

If you encounter an issue with the data in the import that needs to be corrected before a full 24 hours has passed, you can use the manual import process to import a new data feed with your corrections. See Import a Product Feed Manually.