Set Up A Private Sending Domain

This topic explains how to set up your corporate domain or subdomain so Bronto can use it as your sending domain.

About this task

In order to accomplish this, you will need to update your DNS records so Bronto can be configured to use your (sub)domain to send messages and still be able to collect delivery metrics. If you don't have access to your DNS records, work with your IT team on this update.

We recommend using a subdomain dedicated to Bronto deliveries so that any changes to your marketing sending reputation won't impact deliveries of business emails from your corporate address. If you have an existing subdomain with a good reputation, we suggest you continue to use that. There are some extra considerations when moving a subdomain between ESPs (Email Service Providers):

  • While you can send from the same domain using two different email providers, you will need to set up and use a different subdomain for managing links, replies, and bounces. See step 1 for more details.
  • CAN-SPAM rules require that the unsubscribe methods provided in a message remain active for 30 days after a message is sent. When you move your subdomain over, you will need to set up a way to manage unsubscribe requests in messages you sent from your previous provider.

If your reputation isn't great, you can still use your current sending domain if you implement a warm up plan to improve your reputation after your sending domain is set up in Bronto. But when your current reputation is bad, it can takes weeks to warm up and it might be better to make a new subdomain. For more information see Check Your Gmail Sending Reputation.

If you don't have an existing domain/subdomain you want to use, your IT team will need to register and set up the new corporate subdomain. This should be a subdomain of your corporate domain reserved for Bronto to use for sending messages; for example,
Tip: Don't use a hyphen to create a new subdomain because ISPs will interpret this as being a completely different domain.

A new domain will also require a warm up plan, though it can take only a few strategic, successful sends to warm up.

To configure Bronto to use your corporate domain or subdomain:


  1. Add CNAME resource entries to your domain's DNS records:

    This lets Bronto to track delivery metrics and send messages using your domain while allowing ISPs to associate messages with your corporate domain/subdomain. Do one of the following:

    • If using your corporate domain for your sending domain add:                 CNAME    CNAME

      to your domain's DNS records.

    • If using a subdomain for your sending domain add:                 CNAME  CNAME

      to your domain's DNS records.

    b and yourdomain are variables that need to be replaced with your real sending domain information. The first entry manages links, replies, and bounces and the second entry manages your sending domain. When you're using a subdomain, the first and second subdomains can match—unless you're still sending from your old ESP. If you are still sending using your old ESP, the first value   CNAME
    must be different than the subdomain you use with your current ESP. The DKIM can, and should, be the same as your current sending subdomain so you can continue to leverage your existing sending reputation.
  2. Open a support case requesting a private domain.
    1. Go to Bronto's support page and click Open Support Request.
    2. Enter Private Domain Request in the Subject box.
    3. Enter Private Domain in the Application Feature Affected box.
    4. Enter your domain/subdomain information in the Reproducing The Issue & Description box.
    5. Make sure I authorize Bronto Support to access my account and customer data for support purposes is checked.
    6. Click Submit Request.
    When Bronto support receives your request, a support professional will update your account and notify you when your private domain has been activated.