New Reports Detailed Contact Report Export

You can export a Detailed Contact Report that contains every action taken by every contact involved in a delivery or deliveries.

About this task

Reports can be exported immediately or automatically at time intervals of your choosing.

If you limit a message report to only show deliveries from a specific date range when you download a detailed or summary report, the downloaded report only contains metrics for the deliveries made within the specified date range.

To export a report:


  1. Find the report you want to export.
  2. Click Export.
  3. For Date Range, select a date range that you want to report data for.
    Your report will only include data for events that occur in the selected data range. For example, a Message Report will only include send, open or click data if send, open, or click events occurred within your specified date range. It is possible to have zero sends or deliveries, while still seeing opens, clicks, etc. since the sends may not have occurred in your selected date range.

    Report Name and Currency are not supported for this report.

  4. For Report Type, select Detailed Contact Report.
  5. Select which Contact Status metrics you want to include.
    You can select:
    • All
    • Sent
    • Delivered
    • Undeliverable
    • Opens
    • Click Throughs
    • Conversions
    • Forwards To A Friends
    • Updates
    • Unsubscribes
    • Frequency Caps
    • Onboarding Skipped
  6. Choose which Data Settings to include.
    • Fields
    • GeoIP/Technology Data
    • RFM Metrics

    Device-level metrics is not supported for this report.

    Note: This report can only be exported as a .csv file.
  7. Click the Scheduling tab to schedule your report export.
  8. Click Export.
    The Detailed Contact Report download link appears in the Email and Detailed Contact Reports section of the Legacy Downloads page.