Insert A Link To A Webform Using The WYSIWYG Editor

About this task

The Insert Webform Link button in the WYSIWYG editor lets you add a link in your message that points to a webform you have created.

To insert a link to a webform using the WYSIWYG editor:


  1. Place your cursor in the body of the message where you want the webform link to appear.
  2. Click the Insert Webform Link button .
  3. Select the type of webform you want to link to in the Type pull-down menu.
    Pick webform Type
  4. Choose whether you want to link to a specific webform or the default webform for a given type.

    If you choose to link to a specific webform, you will need to select that webform using the webform picker.

    webform Picker
    Tip: When you create a webform, you can set it as the default for that particular type (for example, Add Contacts, Manage Preferences, etc.) For more information on making a webform the default, see Make A Webform The Default Used.
  5. Click Insert.