Find/Replace Content Using The WYSIWYG Editor

About this task

The Find button allows you to find specific words or phrases. You can also choose to replace those words once they are found. The Find/Replace button will take you to the same pop-up as the Find button, only you will be shown the options for search and replace as opposed to just find.

To find or search and replace:


  1. Click the Find button to find or click the Find/Replace button to search and replace.
    A pop-up window will appear.
  2. Add the word or phrase you wish to search for in the Find What text box.
  3. Add the word you want to use as the replacement in the Replace With text box.
  4. Use the Direction radio buttons to determine if the application will start looking above (Up) where your cursor is currently located, or below (Down).
  5. If you want the application to also match the case of the word or phrase you wish to find (i.e. searching for "Bob" will find "Bob" but not "bob"), click the Match case check box.
  6. Click Find Next to begin finding matches for the word or phrase you are searching for.
  7. When a match is found, you can click Replace to replace the original word or phrase with the new word or phrase.
    If you wish to replace all of the matches found, click Replace All.