View A Text Version Of An Email

The Text Version option lets you view and edit the text version of your email messages.

About this task

To view the text version of an email:
  • In the email message editor, click the Toggle Text Version button.
    Text Version
  • In the HTML or WYWSIWYG editor, click the Text Version tab.
By default, the text version of an email message only contains a disclaimer and a link to a web version of the email message. To bring over the text content from the HTML version of the email message, click:
  • Generate from HTML version button in the email message editor. You can use the Header and Footer menus to add a header or footer to the text version view.
  • Re-generate from HTML version button in the WYSIWYG editor. You can add files you have saved in the file manager by clicking the File Manager button, or add special tags and field tags using the Insert Special Tags and Insert Field Tags menus. You can delete the text version of the email message by clicking the Delete the text version of this message button. For more information on using the file manager, see Uploading Files to Bronto. For more information on using field tags and special tags, see Message Tags.
Note: We will automatically shorten all links automatically added to the plain text version of email messages by the application. These links include the view web version, view HTML version, and unsubscribe links. We still track clicks for these shortened URLs. These links will be shortened when the email message is sent, so if you preview the message, the links will not appear shortened. If you want to view what the shortened links will look like in your email message, we suggest you send some test email messages. For more information on sending test email messages, see Message Testing Program.