Create Twitter

Create Twitter Message allows you to create messages (aka tweets) in the application that can then be posted to Twitter accounts you have integrated with.


  1. Go to Messages > All Messages.
  2. Click Create New Message.
  3. Click Create Twitter Message.
  4. Give your Twitter message a name in the Message Name text box.
    The Twitter message name is the unique identifier for the Twitter message. Think of it as the name of a document. You should name the Twitter message something relevant to its purpose.
  5. Add the content for the Twitter message in the Body text box.

    Twitter messages (aka tweets) are limited to 140 characters. The number of characters currently used in the Twitter message is displayed below the Body text box.

  6. Optional: Check the Shorten and track URLs box to shorten long URLs and allow the application to track the URLs used in the Twitter message.

    In addition to shortening URLs, which allows for more content, this setting also allows the application to track the URLs used in a Twitter message, thus allowing you to more effectively monitor the effectiveness of a Twitter message.

    For more information on viewing shortened URLs and their associated metrics, see View The Shortened URLs Used In Your Message.

  7. Optional: In the Message Organization section, you can choose to add the Twitter message to a folder.
  8. Click Save.