Create an SMS Message

Learn how to create an SMS message in Bronto.


  1. Go to Messages > All Messages.
  2. Click Create New Message.
  3. Click Create SMS Message.
  4. Specify a name for your message in Message Name.
    Note: The message name is a unique identifier and is not visible to contacts.
  5. Compose your message in Message Content.

    The character count below your message updates automatically.

    Important: To be compliant, all SMS messages that you send from Bronto must include the phrase: Text STOP to end. For more information, see SMS Compliance.
  6. Optional: Check the Shorten and track URLs box to shorten long URLs and allow the application to track the URLs used in the SMS message.

    In addition to shortening URLs, which allows for more content, this setting allows the application to track the URLs used in an SMS message. Tracking URLs allows you to more effectively monitor the effectiveness of an SMS message. URLs will be shortened when the SMS message is sent. The character count takes this into account, and thus represents the count for your SMS message as if the URLs were shortened.

    For more information on viewing shortened URLs and their associated metrics, see View The Shortened URLs Used In Your Message.

  7. Optional: If you want to send an MMS, include a link to an image in the Media URL.

    The link you provide must be a valid link to an image, audio, or video file that is less than 5 MB. You can use any valid link, but we cannot guarantee the permanence of any content stored outside of Bronto. To include a link to media in Bronto:

    1. Click the folder icon located in the Media URL box.
    2. Navigate to the media you want to include and click on it.
    3. Click Insert.
  8. Optional: Click Dynamic Content to add dynamic content to the body of an SMS message.

    Dynamic content is an advanced feature that allows you to add content to messages based on whether or not certain conditions are met.

    For more information on using Dynamic Content in SMS messages, see Add Dynamic Content To SMS or MMS Messages.

    You can also add Dynamic Code to an SMS message. For more information on Dynamic Code, see Dynamic Code.

  9. Optional: Click the Insert pull-down menu to insert special tags, field tags, RFM tags, and/or cart tags in to the body of an SMS message.

    When you use tags in SMS messages, be aware of the 160 character limit. If the content that replaces the tag causes the message to exceed the 160 character limit, the message will be split and sent as multiple messages. Each message will count against your SMS allocation. A bounced SMS message does not count against your SMS allocation.

    For more information on all of the Special Tags available in your account, see Special Tags.

  10. Optional: Add product tags to your message by hard coding them into the message content.

    The proper syntax for a product tag is %%$product.placeholder.field%%. For more information see Product Tags. If you want to use a product tag to display an image in your message, you have to use the product tag in the Media URL. Product tags that represent textual information, such as a product name or description, can be used in the body of a message.

    If you use product tags, map your product placeholders either globally in the message or when scheduling the SMS:

    • To map the placeholder globally: Click Set Product Defaults, find the placeholder you want to map and enter the Product ID you want to map the placeholder to in the Default Product ID box. This will cause the placeholders to always be mapped to the same products when this SMS is sent, unless you map it differently when scheduling the message.
    • To map the place holder when you schedule the message see Schedule A Delivery Of An SMS or MMS Message.
  11. Optional: If you are going to send the message via the API, you can add API message tags to the body of the message.

    For more information on using API message tags in SMS messages, see Add Content To An SMS Message With API Message Tags.

  12. Optional: In the Message Organization section, select a folder to add the SMS message to using the Message Folder list.
  13. Click Save.