Send Test SMS or MMS Messages

Before you send an SMS or MMS message, you might want to send a test message to an account or accounts that you use for testing.

About this task

Make sure any number you test with is already in your account and is associated with an active contact.

To schedule a test SMS message:


  1. Go to Messages > All Messages.
  2. Click on the name of the SMS or MMS message you want to send.

    The SMS Message page opens.

  3. Under Schedule Delivery:
    1. Select the Test radio button.
    2. Click Schedule.
  4. Optional: You can send to specific mobile numbers by adding the numbers to the SMS Message Recipients text box.
    Multiple mobile numbers can be separated with new lines or commas.

    Any new mobile number added in the SMS Message Recipients text box will be added as a transactional contact. To add the mobile number as an active contact, add it to your account before you send the test SMS message.

    Note: Tracking for test SMS messages will not be included in the aggregate tracking for the message.
  5. Optional: In the Select Recipients section, check the box next to the name of subscription based SMS keyword(s) you want to send to.
    The application ensures that contacts will only receive a single version of an SMS message, even if they are on more than one keyword.
  6. Optional: To map a product to a product placeholder for this SMS or MMS delivery:
    1. Click Show Advanced Options.
    2. Under Set Delivery-specific Products, click Add Placeholder.
    3. Enter the placeholder you use in your product tag(s) in the Product Placeholder box.

      Only enter one placeholder here. If you need to map multiple placeholders, complete this set of steps multiple times.

    4. Enter the product ID for the product you want to use for the related product tags in the Delivery Specific Product ID box.
    Note: When you send SMS order-based messages, we recommend that you use the %%$cart.item_0_imageurl%% tag to pull in the first product's image within the contact's cart or order. Input this in the Media URL field in the SMS message editor.
  7. In the Delivery Scheduling section, select when to send the SMS or MMS message. You can select:
    • Send message now
    • Send at a specific time
  8. If you selected Send at a specific time: Use the date and time picker to select the date and time you want to send the SMS or MMS.
  9. Click Schedule Delivery