Select Email Recipients

In the Select Recipients section, you will choose who will receive the email message.

About this task

You can choose to send a message to specific lists or segments or to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Click on the Lists, Segments, Twitter, or Facebook tabs to view the options for each. You can also use the search box to search for specific lists or segments by name. The options that you have selected are displayed under the Total Contact Selected area.

The application ensures that contacts will only receive a single version of a message, even if they are on more than one recipient list.

Note: If a message is scheduled to go to a list/segment of unsubscribed contacts, or if all contacts are deleted from the list/segment before the message is sent, the delivery is marked as skipped. For more information on viewing the status of email deliveries, see Viewing Sent Email Deliveries.

Though changes to list membership are made in real-time, the number that indicates the number of active contacts on a list is updated nightly. Therefore, the numbers shown here might not reflect recent changes to list membership. However, any contacts added to or removed from the list will still be sent (or not sent) the message based on their list membership as appropriate.