Schedule An Email Delivery For a Specific Time

About this task

In the Delivery Scheduling section, you specify when the email message will be sent out. If you wish to send the email message immediately, you can click the Send email message now radio button. However, the message must be prepared to be sent by the application. The amount of time it takes an email to prepare for delivery depends on multiple factors, including the size of the lists/segments being targeted, the number of excluded recipients, and frequency caps. Scheduling your delivery in advance will allow the system to prepare your delivery prior to the scheduled delivery time.

If you wish to pick a specific time to send the email message, follow the instructions below.

You also have the option of optimizing the message delivery based on contact behavior. For more information about this see Optimize The Sending Time Of An Email Delivery. You can also send the message at the same time in different time zones using each contact's preferred time zone.

Note: Some content is pulled into your message when you schedule a future delivery. For more information about this, see Message Tags.
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Tip: Many major ISPs track a sender's reputation based on the number of unsolicited email complaints that they generate over a certain period of time. The worse your sender reputation is with ISPs, the more likely you are to have a low sender rating in the application. Spreading your email delivery over time can help mitigate the impact of this issue, help ensure optimal deliverability, and mitigate traffic spikes on your website. For example, 20 unsolicited email complaints received over 8 hours, though certainly undesirable, will be a softer blow to your sender reputation and sender rating than the same 20 complaints received over 15 minutes.

For more information on your sender rating, see Sender and Delivery Rating.

To send an email message at a specific time:


  1. Click the Send at this time radio button.
  2. Click in the Send at this time text box to reveal the pop-up calendar.
  3. Select a specific year, month, and day to send the email message.
  4. Click in the next box and choose a specific time of day to send the email message.
  5. Select AM or PM.
  6. Check Send Based on Contact's Time Zone if you want to send messages based on each contact's preferred time zone. If your message send time is 8 AM, the message will send the next time it is 8 AM in each contact's time zone using the most frequent location of the contact over the past 14 days.
  7. Select the delivery rate for the delivery using the Send Emails pull-down menu. This option will be disabled if you checked Send Based on Contact's Time Zone.

    You can select a default throttle time for email deliveries. For information on setting the default throttle time in your account, see Set A Default Throttle Time For Your Account.