Enable Recurring Emails

About this task

The Recurring Message option lets you schedule an email message to be delivered on a recurring basis. This schedule will continue until the specified date and can be stopped, and otherwise managed, from the Automated Message Rules page. If you have more complex needs, you can create an automated message rule. By default, the email message is set to not repeat.

For more information on automated message rules, see Automated Message Rules.

To set the schedule for a recurring email message:


  1. Select the This message repeats radio button.
  2. Choose how often the email message repeats using the adjacent pull-down box. You can choose:
    • Daily
    • Every weekday
    • On selected days
    Note: If you choose On selected days, you will need to specify specific days by checking the box associated with the day you want the email message delivery to repeat on.
  3. Choose how long the email message will continue for using the This schedule will continue pull-down box. Your options are:
    • Forever
    • For 30 days
    • For 90 days
    • For 180 days
    • For 1 year