Viewing a Report for a Specific Delivery Made Using a Message (Legacy)

About this task

Important: This help topic does not apply to any New Reports. If you're using Bronto's latest report format, please refer to the help topics for new reports.

When viewing a message report, you can drill down and view a report for a specific delivery made using the message.


  1. Click the button next to the Showing Metrics For label:
    View Specific Delivery For A Message
  2. Optional: You can use the search box to search for a delivery by Subject Line or API ID.
    Search For A Delivery
  3. Optional: By default, transactional, single contact, and skipped deliveries are not shown in the table. If the delivery you are looking is one of these types, you can click Show Transactional and Single Contact Deliveries or Show Skipped Deliveries to include those types of deliveries in the table.
    Tip: The Single Contact email delivery type represents emails deliveries that were sent to only a single contact. Email deliveries sent via workflows are always marked as Single Contact, but this delivery type also includes email deliveries manually sent to a single contact or sent to a single contact via the API.
  4. When you find the delivery you want to view a report for, click the subject line shown in the table for the delivery.