View Overview Information For Items Added To A Comparison Report

About this task

The Overview section contains information about the item (delivery, message, automated message rule, delivery group) you are comparing.

Delivery Information

You can find out the following information:

  • Type of item added: This at the top of the Overview section. Depending on the item you added, it will say:
    • Delivery
    • Message
    • Automated Message Rule
    • Delivery Group
  • Name: Directly below the item name will be the name of the item added. The list below explains what name is shown for each item added:
    • Delivery: The name of the message used in the delivery is shown.
    • Message: The name of the message is shown.
    • Automated Message Rule: The name assigned to the automated message rule is shown.
    • Delivery Group: The name assigned to the delivery group is shown.
  • Subject: The subject displays the subject line used. If multiple subjects were used, as is often the case when comparing messages, automated message rules, or delivery groups, you will see Multiple Subjects displayed for the subject.

To view the overview information on a Comparison report:


Go to Reports > Comparison Report.