Add Dynamic Content To Emails In The Email Message Editor

You can make containers in the email message editor dynamic.

About this task

With dynamic content you can design versions of an email within a single message by flagging blocks of content to only be sent to contacts who meet the conditions you specify.


  1. Follow the steps to create an email in the Email Message Editor.
  2. Mouse over the container.
  3. Click Dynamic.

    The Edit Dynamic Content Rules panel opens.

  4. In the Edit Dynamic Content Rules panel, set up your rule criteria:

    In the if list:

    • Field to use a contact field
    • RFM Metric to use an RFM metric
    • On List to use list membership
    • On Segment to use segment membership
    • On SMS Keyword to use an SMS keyword subscription
    1. Then click + and select the item you want to use.

      For example, if you selected On Segment, use + to select your segment.

  5. Optional: Click + AND to add additional conditions for your rule.

    If you add additional conditions, follow the directions in step 4 to set up the criteria.

  6. Optional: When you are done with the first rule, click New Rule to add another rule.

    By default, the content in the message for the first rule is copied into the other rules as you create them. You can edit or delete this content as appropriate.

  7. Set up your new rule and any subsequent rules you would like the container to have.

    When you add dynamic content, an All Others rule is automatically defined. Any contacts who do not fit into any of the dynamic content criteria you set are sent the version of the container that is associated with the all other rule. Make sure that you appropriately configure the container content for this default rule as well as the rules you defined.

  8. Click Done.
  9. Select the rule you would like to work with from the Active Dynamic Rule list to the right of the container.
  10. Edit the content in the container for this rule, then design it.

    When you are done, the container should match what contacts who fit the rule should see when they open the message. You can see other what other rules look like, or quickly access the Edit Dynamic Content Rules panel, using the container's dynamic content shortcut on the message canvas.

    To see the dynamic content for another rule in the container, change the value in the Active Dynamic Rule list.

    To edit the rule, click the lightning bolt to the right of the container. The Edit Dynamic Content Rules panel will open and you can make your changes.