Previewing Field and Special Tags in Emails With Dynamic Preview

Dynamic Preview allows you to preview an email as if you were a contact in your account.

About this task

Dynamic Preview is enabled on an individual contact basis. Once it is enabled for a contact, you can select the contact from a list when you preview messages. This allows you to view a message exactly how a contact will see it. It's especially useful for validating the message tags and/or dynamic content in your message. For example, if you use the field tag for first name and the contact's first name is not shown in the dynamic preview, you know there is an issue with either your message tag or with the first name contact field.

Tip: For more information on using field tags and special tags, see Message Tags. For more information on using dynamic content, see Dynamic Content.


To enable Dynamic Preview for a contact:

  1. Go to Contacts > Search.
  2. Search for the contact.

    For more information about how to do this, see Search For Contacts In Your Account.

  3. Click on the contact's email address.

    The Contact Details page is displayed.

  4. Click Edit.

    The Edit Contact page is displayed.

  5. Check the Enable this contact for use in dynamic preview testing box.


    Turn On Dynamic Preview Box

  6. Click Save.

To view a Dynamic Preview of an email message:

  1. Go to the Edit Message page by creating a new email message or by editing an existing email.
  2. Click the:
    • Preview button in the email message editor.
    • Show Preview button in the WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Select a contact from the:
    • Preview for contact list in the email message editor.

      Dynamic Preview Email Message Editor

    • Select a contact to view a preview for list in the WYSIWYG editor.

      Dynamic Preview WYSIWYG

    You can only select contacts who have been enabled for Dynamic Preview.

  4. Verify the content in the message is appropriate for that contact.