Add Dynamic Content To Subject Lines For HTML Email

About this task

For HTML email messages (this includes web page message types), you can add dynamic content to the subject line of the email message.

dynamic content In Subject Lines

To add dynamic content to the subject line of an HTML email message:


  1. Choose to create a new or edit an existing HTML email message.
    This takes you to the Edit Message page.
  2. Click Make Subject Dynamic.
  3. Choose the conditional.
    By default, for the first block, you can only choose if.
  4. Choose the operator. The available operators are:
    • In List
    • In Segment
    • On SMS Keyword
    • Field Is Blank
    • Field Is Equal To
    • Field Is Not Equal To
    • Field Is Greater Than
    • Field Is Less Than
    • Field Is Checked
    • Field Is Not Checked
    Note: The Field Is Checked and Field Is Not Checked operators can only be used with fields created with a type of checkbox.
  5. Choose a value.
    The values that you can choose from depend on the operator you choose in the previous step.
    Note: The value you enter when using one of the field operators is case sensitive.
    1. Click OR to add an additional value.
  6. Add the content that will be displayed if the dynamic content conditions are met.
  7. Optional: You can use the Insert Field Tags and Insert Special Tags pull-down menus to add Field Tags and Special Tags to the content area.
    Add Tags In Dynamic Content
    Tip: For more information on using Field Tags and Special Tags, see Message Tags.
  8. Optional: Click Logic to add nested conditionals to a dynamic content block.
    You can add 2 nested conditionals per dynamic content block. Click Add Block to add additional dynamic content blocks.
    Tip: For more information on adding nested conditionals and additional dynamic content blocks, see Add Nested Conditionals and Edit Dynamic Content Blocks Using The Dynamic Content Editor.
  9. Click Insert Dynamic Subject.
  10. Optional: If you have already added dynamic content to your subject line, you can check the Revert to a static subject box to replace the existing dynamic content with the static content you type in the text box.
    1. Add the static subject in the text box.
    2. Click Insert Static Subject
    Dynamic Content Subject Line Static Subject Option