Add An Email Delivery To A Delivery Group At Send Time

About this task

In the delivery groups section, you can assign this email delivery to a delivery group using the delivery group picker. You can use the Search box to search for a specific delivery group, or check the Select All Delivery Groups box.

Select Delivery Group at Send
Note: When scheduling a new email delivery and adding that delivery to a delivery group, if the email message in question is already part of a delivery group, then that delivery group will already be checked. If any delivery groups get unchecked, the email delivery will be excluded from those delivery groups. Likewise, checking new delivery groups will add this particular email delivery to those delivery groups.

Messages are often composed of many individual deliveries. When you add a message to a delivery group, all past and future deliveries will be added to the delivery group. Test deliveries made using the message will not be included in the delivery group. If you want to add test deliveries to a delivery group, you will need to add them individually.