Adding A Cart/Order Loop In The Email Message Editor

A Cart/Order loop enables you to dynamically insert items from a shopping cart or order into an email.

About this task

For information about Cart/Order loop syntax, see Cart Loop Tags.

To add a cart/order loop to a message using the message editor:


  1. In the Email Message Editor, open a message.
  2. Click Elements.
  3. Scroll to Advanced, and drag the Cart/Order Loop element to the canvas.

    Cart/Order Loop Button

  4. Place the element on the canvas.

    The Begin Cart/Order Loop and End Cart/Order Loop tags are added to the canvas.

    Cart/Order Loop Tags
  5. In the Elements palette, scroll to the Basic area and drag the Text element to the canvas.

  6. Drop the Text element between the Begin Cart/Order Loop and End Cart/Order Loop tags.

    The Text Setting panel is displayed.

  7. In the Add Content box, add the cart loop tags you want to use for your message.

    For example, if you want to include the name of items in a cart, add %%$ For more information about cart loop tags, see Cart Loop Tags.

  8. Optional: If you want to use product data with your cart tags, add the cart with product tags to the Add Content box.

    For example, the syntax to pull in a product title for the cart items is %%$cart.item.product.title%%. For more information about this, see Include Product Data In Cart and Order Tags.

  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8, as necessary, until you have added all of the relevant tags to the loop.

    There is no need to include a space or any kind of special character between each tag. Just make sure the tags are correctly formatted or Bronto will not be able to properly read the tag during message send.

  10. Finish, save, and schedule your message.
    When the message is sent, the cart/order loop tags are replaced with the content that is relevant to each contact who receives the message.
    Note: A few tags are replaced at the time the message is scheduled. For more information, see Message Tags.