View The SMS Short Code Stop Message In Your Account

The SMS Short Code Stop Message is the SMS message sent to your contacts when they text STOP to your short code.

About this task

A contact can text stop back in one of three languages:
  • English: STOP
  • French: ARRET
  • Norwegian: STOPP
and will receive the response that corresponds to that language. If a contact is subscribed to more than one SMS keyword they must text "STOP ALL" to unsubscribe from all SMS and/or MMS messages and "STOP <keyword>" to unsubscribe from a particular keyword. If they just text STOP then the contact will receive a response that contains all of the keywords they are subscribed to.

Most of the text in the STOP response message cannot be edited, but you can change the support contact information. When you change this, the new support contact information will be used in both the STOP and HELP messages.


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > SMS Settings.
  2. Scroll to the SMS Short Code Stop Messaging section.

    The preview of the SMS Short Code Stop Messages are displayed.