Edit SMS Short Code Help Reply Message

The SMS Short Code Help Reply Message is sent to your contacts when they text HELP to your short code.

About this task

A contact can text help back in one of three languages:
  • English: HELP
  • French: AIDE
  • Norwegian: HJELP
and will receive the response that corresponds to that language.

The application dynamically adds the support phone number, email address, help alert, and keyword frequency cap to the SMS Short Code Help Reply Message, but you can personalize the help alert text that appears before the rest of the message. You can also you can change the support contact information. When you change this, the new support contact information will be used in both the STOP and HELP messages. For more information see Set Up The Support Contact Information For SMS.

Tip: You can view a preview of the SMS Short Code Help Reply Message in the Short Code Help Reply section.

To view and edit the SMS Short Code Help Reply Message:


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > SMS Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Short Code Help Messaging section.
  3. If you want to
    • Use the default help alert, check the Use default help alert box.
    • Add a custom help alert, add the alert you want to use in the Help alert box.

      When you add a custom alert, we do not translate the alert text in the Help alert box. It is appended to the SMS Message for all three languages as it is written.

  4. Click Save.