Editing Default SMS Compliance Messaging

Learn how to edit the default SMS compliance messages for replies to STOP, STOP ALL, and HELP requests from contacts.

About this task

Edit the default SMS compliance messages, or create your own. For example, you can abbreviate or shorten your organization name to minimize character count, or modify the entire message.
Note: When you edit or create your own SMS compliance messages in Bronto, the default messages are lost. If you want to restore the default messages, see Default SMS Compliance Messages.


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > SMS Settings.
  2. Click the tab for the message that you want to modify.
    • Help
      Tip: Replace the %%companyname%% tag with a shorthand for your organization. Bronto uses your account information to dynamically add your company name, which can push the character count over the limit and break your reply into multiple messages.
    • Invalid Keyword
    • Stop
    • Stop All
  3. Edit or add your custom text to the message.
    Important: If you modify the default SMS compliance messaging, ensure that you include the following information:
    • HELP Message:
      • Support Contact Email Address
      • Support Contact Toll Free Phone Number
      • (CA only) Standard message and data rates may apply

        For contacts in Canada, you must include the word "standard".

      • (US only) Message and data rates may apply
    • STOP Message:
      • Support Contact Email Address
    • STOP ALL Message:
      • Confirmation that no more messages will be sent
  4. Click Save.