Set Up The Baynote Connection

About this task

In order to enable the Baynote Recommendation connection, you will need to fill out the configuration details. This information is used to construct the image and link URLs needed to generate the product recommendation within your email.

You will need to have a subscription to the Baynote service to take advantage of the Baynote Connection. To enable the connection, a user with administrative privileges must check the Enable Baynote Connection box on the Baynote Connections page. To get to the Connections Center page, go to Settings > Integrations > Partner Tools. From here, click the Baynote icon and then click Options.

Baynote Connection Setup

To setup the Baynote Connection:


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Partner Tools
  2. Click the Baynote icon.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Check the Enable Baynote Connection box.
  5. Fill in your Baynote customer name and customer code in the designated text boxes.

    Your Baynote customer name and customer code are used to identify your store and customer information within Baynote.

  6. Add the Baynote attribute names to the appropriate text boxes.

    Each attribute name represents a piece of data (name of the product, price, etc.) that will be displayed for each recommended product. You can specify up to 3 attributes and may choose to omit some as you wish. We generally recommend that you choose attributes that correlate to:

    • Product title
    • Product price
    • Product savings
    • Product description
    Tip: You can choose any attributes that serve your marketing needs. For whichever attributes you do choose, we suggest that you do several tests with different products to ensure that you are happy with how the generated images look.
  7. Add a Baynote Image Attribute in the designated check box.

    The Baynote Image Attribute is used to determine which image is pulled from Baynote and displayed in your message. Baynote Image Attributes are defined by you in your Baynote account.

  8. Add a Baynote Attribute Filter in the designated text box.

    The Baynote Attribute Filter Default setting allows you to choose a default attribute filter to limit the results that are shown in your recommendations. This is only a default setting, which means that it will automatically be used within all your recommendations, but it can be changed as needed when you place a recommendation into an email.

    The Attribute Filter is generally used to limit your recommendations to a specific group of products. For example, if you used a filter of ProductFlag:true, this would limit your recommendation to products that have the ProductFlag attribute set to True. This would remove the possibility of your contacts receiving any recommendations for items in your product catalogs that don't have this attribute set to True.

    Refer to Baynote documentation for more information about attribute filters.

  9. Add a Baynote Guide Name in the designated text box.

    The Baynote Guide Name this is a default value, which means that you can change it for any specific recommendation that you set up. This tells Baynote Recommendations which of your guides to use when selecting the recommendation for this product. For a listing of available guides, log into your Baynote Account.

  10. Click Save.