Set Up Test Message Delivery Options

You can set up your account to send text and HTML versions of test delivery messages and to include text before the subject line of each test message.

About this task

If you enable sending separate text and HTML versions of a message on the General Settings page, when a test delivery is made, two different deliveries are created:
  • One delivery will have the regular (HTML) version of the message.
  • The other delivery will be the plain text version.
Each delivery is treated separately for accounting/tracking purposes.

You can also use the Prefix the subject of all test sends with: box to append text to your test messages. The text you enter in this box will be added before the subject line of every test message that is sent from your account. A space is automatically added between the prefix and subject line. For example, if you enter testmail in the Prefix the subject of all test sends with: box, when you send a test email with the subject line Welcome Back the subject line of the test email will read testmail Welcome Back.

Contacts will see the prefix in the subject line when they receive the email and you will see the subject line with the prefix when you view messages in your account. This allows you to quickly and easily identify which messages are test messages in Bronto. The text is only applied to the subject line of test messages that are sent after the prefix text is saved on this page. If you send the same email as a regular message the prefix will not be added to it. If you change or remove the Prefix the subject of all test sends with: text on this page, the subject line of previously sent test messages will retain the prefix that was set at the time the message was sent.

Test Message Delivery Options

For information about how to send a test message see Sending Test Email Deliveries.

To configure your test message delivery options:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Scroll down to the Test Message Delivery Options section.
  4. Optional: If you want to test emails with both an HTML and plain text version of the message, select the Send text and HTML versions of message separately box.
  5. Optional: If you want the subject line of your test messages to include a prefix, enter the prefix in the Prefix the subject of all test sends with: box.
  6. Click Save.