Configure Default Sender Options

You can configure default sender options that will be used each time your account sends a bulk delivery, unless you specify different sender options when you schedule the message. Single-send deliveries (sends using a Workflow node or the Bronto API) use different settings.

About this task

Sender options include your from name, from email address, a reply-to email address, the ability to turn off sender authentication, and the ability to enable reply tracking.

To configure default sender options:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Scroll down to the Default Sender Information section.
  4. Enter the name you want contacts who receive messages to see in the From Name box.
  5. Enter the email address you want your email message to appear from in the From Email Address box.
  6. Enter the email you want the platform to forward email replies to in the Reply-To Email Address box.
  7. If you want to disable sender authentication, click the Enable Sender Authentication box to remove the check mark and disable it.

    We do not recommend disabling sender authentication. Sender authentication will sign your email message with DomainKeys/DKIM. DomainKeys is an authentication technology, developed by Yahoo, that works by creating a digital signature of the contents of an email. This digital signature is verified by the receiving mail server to ensure that the email is not forged.

  8. If you want to enable reply tracking, click the Enable Reply Tracking box to select it.

    Enabling Reply Tracking will store a copy of all email replies to your email messages on the Email Replies page. You may find this option convenient if you need someone other than the email address in the From Email Address line to read email replies, or simply want the application to store email replies.

  9. Click Save to save your changes.

    Any other changes you made to other sections of the General Settings page will also be saved.