Set A Bounce Limit For Your Account

The Bounce Limit section lets you pick the number of times contacts can consecutively bounce without recorded activity before they are automatically unsubscribed.

About this task

Understanding what a bounce is and how we keep track of bounces can help you choose which bounce limit is right for you. For more information on bounces, see Email Bounce.

Not all types of bounces get counted towards the bounce limit. For more information on how bounces are classified and which bounces count toward the bounce limit, see Email Bounces with Bronto.

Note: Only users with administrative permissions can set the bounce limit for an account. For more information on granting a user administrative permissions, see Grant A User Administrator Permissions.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. In the Bounce Limit section, select the number of bounces.
    You are able to choose between 3 and 7 bounces. The default is set to 5 bounces.
  4. Click Save.