Use Google Tag Manager To Add Pop-Up Manager Code To Your Site

About this task

This script is used to present pop-ups and ribbons to customers on your site. You can use Google Tag Manager to add the Pop-Up Manager code to every page on your site.


  1. Go to Contacts > Grow > Pop-Up Manager.
  2. Click Script Tag.
  3. Click the Google Tag Manager Script tab.
  4. Copy the script.
  5. In Google Tag Manager, click Tags in the navigation.
  6. Click New to create a new tag.
  7. Name your tag (example: Bronto Pop-Up Manager).
  8. Click Tag Configuration.
  9. Select Custom HTML for the tag type.
  10. Paste the Script Manager code you copied from Contacts > Grow > Pop-Up Manager.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Click Add Trigger.
  13. Select All Pages so that the Pop-Up Manager code appears on all pages of your site.
  14. Click Save to save your new tag.
  15. Click Submit.
  16. Name your version (example: First Deploy) and add a description.
  17. Click Publish to make your new tag live.