Request Transactional Message Approval

About this task

If you have an email message that you would like to send as a transactional email, you need to request approval for that email message. When you request transactional approval, we will assess the message to ensure that the content adheres to the standards which determine if an email is considered transactional.

Note: A transactional email facilitates an agreed-upon transaction, or updates a customer in an existing business relationship. The primary purpose of the email must be transactional in both the subject line and body. It is permissible to mix in a marketing message/offer in the body. But if a marketing message/offer is added it cannot be the primary purpose of the email and must be included after the transactional content. The marketing portion can be up to 50% of the message as long as it is below the transactional content in the message. Examples of transactional emails include order confirmations, shipping notices, changes in account status, etc. Transactional emails are exempt from CAN-SPAM compliance in the US, but we suggest that all transactional emails adhere to our suggested best practices.

Any existing messages that were used for transactional email deliveries will be automatically approved for transactional sending. Only new messages created for transactional sending will need to be approved.

For more information on the transactional email process, see Transactional Emails.

To request transactional message approval:


  1. Go to Messages > All Messages.
  2. Click on the name of the message you want to request transactional message approval for.
  3. Click Request Approval.
    Request Transactional Approval
  4. Read through and make sure you understand the conditions of the transactional approval process.
  5. Click Submit.

    The status of the message will switch to Pending.

    Transactional Message Pending


If the message is:

  • Approved:

    The status will switch to Yes and an alert will appear. Once the message is approved, you can begin sending transactional emails.

    Transactional Approval Alert Message
    Tip: For more detailed information on sending transactional emails, see Send Transactional Messages Using Automated Message Rules And The API.
  • Rejected:

    The status will switch to Rejected and you will receive an alert.

    Transactional Message Rejected

    Transactional Rejected Alert Message