Manage Renewed Contact Subscriptions

About this task

As previously noted, this section applies to you if you find yourself in this scenario; You manually import the renewal date field data for your contacts. You never change this date, but rather create an additional field to hold data indicating whether or not a contact has renewed their subscription (for example a field called renewed that holds the value true for renewed and false for not renewed). In this scenario, you would need to first create a separate segment for the drip campaign to handle whether or not a contact has renewed their subscription. After you created this segment, you would disable sending to this segment for each automated message rule you created above, by adding this segment to the rule's ineligible recipients.

Tip: You can use the API to automatically update the data in the field used by your campaign. By doing this, contacts will automatically move in and out of the segments you create for your drip campaign. For example, when a contact renews their subscription, you automatically update their old renewal date with their new renewal date via the API. If you did this, there would be no need to create a separate segment and add ineligible recipients to the automated message rules.


To create the segment to handle renewed contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts > Segments.
  2. Click Create New Segment.
  3. Give the segment a name in the Name text box.
    For this example, we will call the segment Renewed Contacts.
  4. Click the first pull-down menu (the criterion).
    By default it displays Email Address. Choose Field.
  5. In the second pull-down menu.
    By default it displays Select a field, choose renewed.
  6. In the third pull-down menu (the operator), choose is.
  7. In the text box next to the third pull-down menu, add the value.
    For this example, you will type in true.
    Note: This assumes that a value of true for the renewed field indicated that the contact has renewed their subscription.
    Drip Segment For Renewed Contacts
  8. Click Save Segment.
    You will be returned to the All Segments page.

To add the segment to the automated message rule's ineligible recipients:

  1. For each automated message rule you created above, skip to Step 2 in the create an Automated Message Rule wizard.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Advanced.
  3. In the Additional Contact Filtering section, click the Ineligible Recipients tab.
  4. Click the Segments tab.
  5. Locate the Renewed Contacts segment and check the box associated with it.
    Ineligible Recipients: Renewed Contacts Segment
  6. Click Verify Settings.
  7. Review your selections and click Save As Draft.
    Remember you will need to activate the automated message rules in order for them begin sending messages.