Legacy Webforms: Create A Form Piece

About this task

Important: Only use this documentation if you know you still use Legacy webforms. The majority of Bronto application users do not.

Create a Form Piece provides a simple way to find out information about your contacts and their preferences.

Create/Editing a Form Piece
Tip: You can use the handle Content Block Handle to move content blocks to different locations on a Form Piece.

To create a Form Piece:


  1. Go to Contacts > Grow > Webforms.
  2. Click the Form Pieces link.
  3. Click Create New Form Piece.
  4. Give the Form Piece a name and title.
    The Form Piece name is used to internally identify a Form Piece and can only be seen by users in your account. The Form Piece title is an external designation for the Form Piece. The Form Piece title is displayed at the top of the Form Piece and will be seen by your contacts.
  5. Choose the type of Form Piece you want to create from the Form Type pull-down. You can choose between:
    • Field Form: The Field Form Piece type is used to collect information from your contacts by having them fill in the information that corresponds to fields you have created in your account.
    • List Form: The List Form Piece type is used to provide a way for your contacts to select which of your lists they want to receive mail from.
  6. You can
    • Edit the Form title by entering a new title in the Form tile text box, and then clicking Update Title.
    • Edit the Submit button text by entering in the new button text in the Edit Submit Button Text text box, and then clicking Update Button Text.
    • Use the handle to drag the content block to a different location on the Form Piece to edit the contents of the email address text box and message preference check box.
    By default, the Field Form Piece consists of a title, email address text box, message preference check box, and submit button. By default, the List Form Piece type contains a title, and submit button that can be edited in the same way as the title and submit button that appear on a Field Form Piece.
  7. Additionally, you can add field items, list check boxes, and text areas to both Form Piece types using the Fields, Lists, and Texts tabs.
    • Fields: Add fields to a Form Piece allows you to collect information from you contacts that will be used to populate fields in you account. The title and type of item that appears on a Form Piece when you add a field depends on the type and label you set for the field when you created it. For example, let's say you have created a field with a name of firstname, a label of First Name, and a type of "Text". If you add that field to a Form Piece, a text box will appear with a title of First Name. To add a field to a form, select the field you want to add, and then click Add Field to Form. If you click the Required? check box, then your contacts will be required to fill out that field in order to complete the webform. Required fields have a red asterisk next to them.
    • Lists: Add lists to a Form Piece will add a check box that will allow your contacts to easily choose if they want to receive emails that you send to that particular list. To add a list check box to a Form Piece, select the list you want to a add, choose the type of list, and then click Add List to Form. What are the types of lists I can add to a Form Piece? There are four types of lists you can add to the Form Piece. They are described below:
      • Unchecked (subscribe): The Unchecked (subscribe) List type will add the name of the list(s) along with a corresponding unchecked checked box to the Form Piece. This allows your contacts to opt-in in to your lists that they want to receive mail from.
      • Pre-checked (unsubscribe) List- The Pre-checked (unsubscribe) List type will add the name of the list(s) along with a corresponding checked check box to the Form Piece. This option requires contacts to clear the box (aka opt-out) if they do not want to receive messages from your lists. Email marketing best practices suggest that it is almost always better to allow your contacts to subscribe (unchecked) rather than unsubscribe (checked).
      • Only Show if Contact on List: The Only Show if Contact on List type will only shows those lists that the contact has already agreed to receive mail from. Each list will have a corresponding check box that is checked by default.
      • Automatically Add Contact to List: The Automatically Add Contact to List type will automatically add the contact who submits the webform to any lists shown on that webform. We recommend that you use this type for internal correspondence, like company newsletters, to help stay in line with best practices. You could also use this List type if the webform you are creating only has one list to sign-up for. However, you need to be sure to make it very clear that by submitting the webform, they are signing up for a particular list.
    • Text: You can add additional lines of text to your Form Piece by clicking on the Text tab, typing in the text you want to add in the text box, and then clicking Add Description Text to Form.
  8. Click Save Form Piece to finish.