Legacy Webforms: Build

About this task

Important: Only use this documentation if you know you still use Legacy webforms. The majority of Bronto application users do not.

Once you have chosen the type of webform you want to create, you can begin building that webform by adding Form Pieces, HTML, or Text to the content blocks that make up the webform. Content blocks are the individual sections that comprise a webform. You can adjust the CSS and Layout used in the webform and individual content blocks. Depending on the type of webform you choose to create, certain content blocks will already be populated with Form Pieces, HTML, or text. If you want to add lists or fields to your webform, then you will need to use Form Pieces. Form Pieces are literally "pieces of a webform" containing lists and fields that are added to the content blocks used to build a webform. To begin editing a content block, click the Edit link in the top left corner of a content block.

Tip: You can use the handle handle to move content blocks to different locations on a webform.