Send Welcome Email After A Contact Uses Subscription Confirmation Webform

About this task

Note: Available on: Subscription Confirmation webforms.

After a contact uses a Subscription Confirmation webform, you have the option of sending them a welcome message. Sending contacts a welcome message when they opt-in is a good way to start contact engagement. Generally these messages should introduce the contacts to your brand and values.

Send Welcome Email Webform Setting

To send a welcome email message after a Subscription Confirmation webform is used:


  1. Open a Subscription Confirmation webform.
  2. Click Form Settings on the top right of the page From Settings Button.
  3. From the Welcome Message Behavior pull-down menu, choose if you want to send or not send the contact a welcome email message. You have two options:
    • Do not send a welcome message
    • Send a message to anyone who uses this form
  4. Optional: If you choose to send contacts a message:
    1. Choose the email message that will be sent.
    2. Specify a from name in the From Name text box.
    3. Specify a from address in the From Address text box.
  5. Click Done.