Display The Success Message When Content Added To Webforms

About this task

When a contact submits a webform, you can choose to send them to a Thank You page. For each webform submitted, you can customize the message shown on the Thank You page.

Tip: For more information on special tags, see Special Tags.
Note: Available on: All webforms.


  1. Create a new, or edit an existing, webform.
  2. Click Form Settings on the top right of the page From Settings Button.
  3. From the Webform Submission Settings section, click the Send them to this Thank You page radio button.
    Thank You Webform Select
  4. From the Send them to this Thank You page pull-down menu, choose the Thank You webform you want to send contacts to after they submit the webform.
    Thank You Webform Menu
  5. In the Messages To User section, you will see a text box called Success Message.

    In this text box, add the content you want to display on the Thank You page you choose in the previous step.

    Add Success Message Content
  6. Click Done.
  7. Go to Contacts > Grow > Webforms.
  8. Click Thank-You.
  9. Click on the name of the Thank You webform you chose in step 4.
  10. Move your mouse over the main content area until the gray box appears.
  11. Click Edit.
    The WYSIWYG Editor will appear.
  12. Add the %%!success%% special tag in the location where you want the success message content to appear.
    Explanation of special tag
  13. Click Done.


After a contact submits the webform, they will be taken to the Thank You webform you choose in step 4. The %%!success%% tag will be replaced by the content you added in Step 5.

Explanation of %%!success%% special tag