Add A List Content Block To A Webform

About this task

List Content Blocks allow you to add check boxes to your webform that correspond to lists in your account. Your contacts can click these check boxes when they view the webform to add them self to that particular list.

You can use the Select All Lists and Deselect All links to select all and deselect all lists displayed in the lists tab in the Content Blocks section.

To add a List Content Block to a webform:


  1. Go to the Edit Webform page by editing an existing webform or by creating a new webform.
  2. Click the Lists tab in the Content Blocks section.
    Add List Content Block
  3. Move your mouse over the List Content Block you want to add.

    You can use the search box to search for a specific list by name, or use the Select All/ Select None links to select/deselect all of the lists in your account.

  4. Hold down the left click button on your mouse.
  5. Drag the List Content Block into one of the gray boxes labeled Place content here.

    The Place content here box will appear after you add a Layout block.

    List Block Demo


The All Lists Content Block All Lists Content Block Icon will add a check box to your webform for every list you have created in your account.