Add HTML/Text Content Blocks To Your Webform

About this task

HTML/Text Content Blocks allow you to add much more diverse content to your webforms. You can add HTML/Text using one of three editors depending on your needs.

To add HTML/Text Content Blocks to your webform:


  1. Go to the Edit Webform page by editing an existing webform or by creating a new webform.
  2. Click the Other tab in the Content Blocks section.
    Add HTML Content Block
  3. Move your mouse over the Content Block you want to add. You have the following options to choose from:
    • WYSIWYG & Images: This type of Content Block allows you to add HTML, text, and images using the WYSIWYG editor.
    • Plain Text: This type of Content Block allows you to add plain text content using a plain text editor.
    • HTML Code: This type of Content Block allows you to add raw HTML code to your webform.
    • Horizontal Line: This type of Content Block adds a horizontal line to the webform
  4. Hold down the left click button on your mouse.
  5. Drag the Content Block into one of the gray boxes labeled Place content here.

    The Place content here box will appear after you add a Layout block.

    HTML Block Demo

What to do next

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  • Any time an SMS call-to-action is used (for example, Text Helptest to 33233 to receive a coupon), you must clearly display the following terms of service/conditions text:
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