Edit The Field Labels In Webforms

About this task

When adding individual fields to a webform, you can edit the field's label (the name of the field shown to your contacts when they view the webform). This feature has multiple uses, including changing field labels to support webforms created in different languages (aka internationalization).

To edit a field's label on a webform:


  1. Go to the Edit Webform page by editing an existing webform or by creating a new webform.
  2. Click the Fields tab in the Content Block section.
    Add Field Content Block
  3. Move your mouse over the Field Content Block you want to add.
    You can use the search box to search for a specific field by name, or use the Select All/ Select None links to select/deselect all of the fields in your account.
  4. Hold down the left click button on your mouse.
  5. Drag the Field Content Block into one of the gray boxes labeled Place content here.

    The Place content here box will appear after you add a Layout block.

    Field Block Demo
    You can see the Type set for the field you are adding by looking at the icon next to the Field's name. The Field type each icon represents is explained below:
    • Field Content Block      Checkbox Icon: check box
    • Field Content Block      Text Icon: text
    • Field Content Block      Text Area Icon: text area
    • Field Content Block      Radio Button Icon: radio button
    • Field Content Block      Number And Decimal Icon: number and decimal
    • Field Content Block      date Icon: date
    • Field Content Block      Currency Icon: currency
    • Field Content Block      Pull-Down Menu Icon: pull-down menu
    • Field Content Block      Password Icon: password
  6. Move you mouse over the field you just added.
  7. Click Edit Label.
    Add List Content Block
  8. Add in the new label in the text box.

    The label change you make here is unique to this webform and will not appear on other webforms. This does not change the default label. The default label is the label assigned to field when it was created.

    For more information on editing the default field label, see Edit Contact Fields.

    Tip: You can reset the label to the default by clicking Reset Label To Default.
  9. Click Edit Label.