Send Email After A Contact Uses Add Contacts Webform

About this task

Note: Available on: Add Contact webforms.

On Add Contacts webforms, you can choose to send a welcome email message to contacts who use the webform.

Add Contact Settings

A contact on the suppression list cannot be added to your account until the email address is removed from the suppression list. If a contact who is on the suppression list attempts to sign-up to receive email messages from you via an Add Contacts webform or via Direct Add, they will not be added as a contact in your account.

For more information on using the suppression list, see Suppression Lists.

To send a welcome email message after a contact uses an Add Contacts webform:


  1. Create a new, or edit an existing, webform.
  2. Click Form Settings on the top right of the page From Settings Button.
  3. From the Welcome Message Behavior pull-down menu, choose if you want to send or not send the contact a welcome email message. You have three options:
    • Do not send a welcome message
    • Send a welcome message to new contacts
    • Send a message to anyone who uses this form
  4. Optional: If you choose to send contacts a message
    1. Choose the message that will be sent.
      Note: If you chose to add contacts with a status of unconfirmed, the message you choose to send will need to have been approved for transactional sending. For more information on getting an email message approved for transactional sending, see Request Transactional Message Approval.

      For more information on adding contacts with a status of unconfirmed, see Choose The Status Of Contacts Added Via An Add Contacts Webform.

    2. Specify a from name in the From Name text box.
    3. Specify a from address in the From Address text box.
  5. Click Done.