Choose The Status Of Contacts Added Via An Add Contacts Webform

About this task

On Add Contacts webforms, you can select which contact status you want to give to contacts being added to your account via this webform.

Add Contact Settings

For more information on the different contact statuses, see Contact Status.

For more information on the sender/delivery rating, see Sender and Delivery Rating.

A contact on the suppression list cannot be added to your account until the email address is removed from the suppression list. If a contact who is on the suppression list attempts to sign-up to receive email messages from you via an Add Contacts webform or via Direct Add, they will not be added as a contact in your account.

For more information on using the suppression list, see Suppression Lists.
Note: Available on: Add Contact webforms.

To choose the status of contacts added via an Add Contacts webform:


  1. Create a new, or edit an existing, webform.
  2. Click Form Settings on the top right of the page From Settings Button.
  3. Go to the Add Contact Settings section and choose how you want to handle contacts being added via this webform.

    By default, new contacts are added with a status of Onboarding. If you want to add them with a status of Unconfirmed, click the Add contact with status of Unconfirmed check box.

    If you check the Add contact with status of Unconfirmed box, contacts will be added to your account with a status of Unconfirmed. Contacts with a status of Unconfirmed have not yet agreed to receive email messages from you. Remember, one of our policies is that contacts must agree to receive your email messages in order for you to send email to them. Hence, you should send them a welcome email message containing a subscription confirmation link so they can confirm that they want to receive email messages from you. Allowing contacts to explicitly state their desire to receive email messages from you results in healthier lists, improved deliverability, and higher sender/delivery ratings. For more information on sending a welcome email message when a contact submits an Add Contacts webform, see Send Email After A Contact Uses Add Contacts Webform

    Note: If you chose to add contacts with a status of unconfirmed, the message you choose to send will need to have been approved for transactional sending. For more information on getting an email message approved for transactional sending, see Request Transactional Message Approval.
  4. Click Done.