Add Content Tags In The WYSIWYG Editor

About this task

Content tags allow you to create reusable "blocks" of content that you can use in the body, header, and footer of your messages. The block of content is referenced in your message via a custom defined content tag you create. When your message is scheduled, the content tag is replaced with the appropriate content.

For more information about creating content tags, see Create Legacy WYSIWYG Content Tags.

Tip: While many tags are pulled into your message at the time a message is sent, content tags are pulled into a message at the time a message is scheduled for delivery. This helps expedite the delivery of messages. To change the content associated with a content tag in a scheduled message, cancel the delivery, change the content, then schedule a new delivery.

We do not support adding dynamic code to content tags. You can, however add content tags to Dynamic Code. For more information on dynamic code, see Dynamic Code.


  1. Create a new, or edit an existing message body, header, or footer.
  2. In the body, header, or footer of your message, add %%@thenameofyourcontenttag%%, replacing thenameofyourcontenttag with the name of the Content Tag you want to reference.

    For a list of all the content tags in your account, go to Messages > Content Tags.

  3. When editing a message where content tags are being used in the message, header, or footer, click Show Preview.

    The preview will allow you to see what your message will look like with the content referenced via the Content Tag added to the message, header, or footer.