View Contact Details History

About this task

The History tab on the Contact Details page contains the history of events recorded for the contact. These events include messages sent to the contact, field updates, conversions, and being added or removed from a list or segment.

Conversions on the History tab represent each individual conversion made by the contact. You may notice a difference between the number of conversions shown here and the number of conversions displayed for the contact on the Search Contacts page. The reason for this is, on the Search Contacts page, the table is displaying the total unique conversions. There can only be 1 unique conversion per message, but a contact could have made more than 1 individual conversion per message. Hence, the table on the Search Contacts page may show the contact as having 1 unique conversion, but the History tab shows the contact as having 2 individual conversions.

The Notes/Method column on the contact details page explains how the action was performed. This includes:
  • Account/Manual: someone logged into your account performed the action using the Bronto platform. For example, a new custom field was created using the Contact Fields page.
  • Administrator action: this action was completed by an automated Bronto process. For example, a nightly job was run that updated your account's suppression list.
  • API: the action was performed using an API call. For example, someone used the addContacts call to add a new contact. For more information see Bronto API documentation.
  • Direct update: a change was made using the direct update logic that was implemented for your account. For example, a contact's mobile number was updated after they visited a page on your website using an email you sent from Bronto. For more information see Direct Update
  • Workflow action: the action was completed by one of your account's workflows. This includes when a workflow changed a contact's field, sent a contact a message, or added or removed a contact from a list. If you click the word workflow, the workflow that performed the action is opened.
Warning: The length of time we will keep historical data for a contact is subject to the data retention policy. For more information on the data retention policy, see Data Retention Policy.

To view a contact's history:


  1. Go to Contacts > Search.
  2. Search for your contacts.
    For more information about how to do this, see Search For Contacts In Your Account.
  3. Click on the email address of a contact.
  4. Click History.
  5. You can use the following buttons to sort the grid by time frame:
    • Today: Filters the grid to show the events recorded for the current day.
    • Day: Filters the grid to show a single day of events.
    • Week: Filters the grid to show a single week of events.
    • Month: Filters the grid to show a single month of events.
    Tip: You can use the left and right arrows shown next to the Today button to move between days, weeks, or months (based on what you selected above). The current time frame shown is displayed next to the left and right arrows. Contact History Paging Buttons