Create A Segment Based On What Postal/ZIP Code Contacts Are Located In

About this task

The Postal/ZIP Code criterion allows you to create segments based on the Postal/ZIP code contacts are located in.

The GeoIP Postal/ZIP code metric is based on the most frequent IP address recorded for a contact in the 14 days prior to the most recent open/click activity. It does not necessarily indicate the Postal/ZIP code where they reside or the location of the most recent open/click. It also does not take into account any Postal/ZIP code data that might be stored in fields.

For more information on the GeoIP Postal/ZIP code metric, see GeoIP Postal/ZIP Code Metric.

To create a segment based on the Postal/ZIP code contacts are located in:


  1. Go to Contacts > Segments.
  2. To
    • Create a new segment, click Create New Segment.
    • Edit an existing segment, click the pencil icon Edit Segment in the row associated with the segment you want to edit.
  3. Click Add Rule.
    If you want to add this criterion to an existing rule, skip this step.
  4. Click GeoIP.
  5. Click Postal/ZIP Code.
  6. From the first pull-down menu, select one of the following:
    • Starts With
    • Does Not Start With
    • Ends With
    • Does Not End With
    • Contains
    • Does Not Contain
    • Is
    • Is Not
    • Is Empty
    • Is Not Empty
  7. In the input, add some text corresponding to the Postal/ZIP code you want to segment on.
    For example 27701, 90210, etc.
  8. Click Add Criteria if you want to add another criteria.